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Engineer of sonotspecialized in the composing, producing, mixing and mastering, I have developed skills that I will share with you through structured and free courses at the same time. I unfortunately cannot not make you a sound magician, but I can to accompany  to be developedyour own sound universeby effective methods that will make you progress quickly.


Fascinated since my early childhood by this abstract mystery and attracting what is sound, I deeply tamed ses multiple facets.  I have decidedto deepen my comprehensionof the nature of sound to theSAE of Brusselsin Bachelor Audio for 3 years. My knowledge and my research spent for more than 10 years on   the creation of ever larger, sublime and immersive sound universes have convinced me of one thing. Transmitting my knowledge en accompanying beginners and more advanced to achieve their dream:take their creativity out of their minds and develop their musical identityby integrating essential keys to flourish musically.

Because the approach purely self-taught  in such a vast and complex activity is not done without suffering, which can cause abundant car THE path is sometimes sore et may seem insurmountable.

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