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Mixing your tracks

I'ART OF MIXING: it's the valuationof your musical / sound project, the understanding of your artistic universe and a collaboration between you and the mixer in order toTO DO bring out the soulof your project and make your creation shine.


The mixing of your project is done track par track to make your composition intelligible, harmonious and so that all instruments are heardbles and well in their place. 

My job is therefore to return you a version embellished  and comfortable listening to your creation using my professional knowledge, experience and professional tools.


According to the will of the customer, it is possible to have beforehand une discussion (live, phone, video) for surround the essence of the project.

The price dependsnd of   number of tracks and project length.

Contact me for a free quote. 


  1.  Do a rendering of your project as is as a model   (1 single file) . Give it the following name: "Project title- Model"

  2. Return all the volume faders of the   tracks to 0, pan them to the center and check that no track is overloading (red meter) and that the master does not exceed -6dBFs

  3. Turn off all dynamic, frequency, and time effects. If you really care about a reverb, delay or other effect, send the track without the effect and its version with it and we'll discuss it. 

  4. Consolidate all your tracks so they all have the same length (same start and same end)

  5. NAME your tracks correctly. Examples: Voice Lead, Voice 2, Backing 1/2/..., Kick, Snare / , Floor tom, Toms, Ambient synth, Impact, Riser, etc. If possible, add the name of the microphone used at the end, if a microphone was used. Example: Kick - Beta52a

  6. The export resolution and sampling frequency of your tracks must be at the same values as those of your recording (for an audio project: 24bit and 44.1 khZ). 

  7. Send by wetransfer (max 2gb) or swisstransfer (max 50gb) a zip file containing: allthe tracks to be mixed, the layout file, a text file with the tempo(s) of your project and (not obligatory) your wishes: the effects that are particularly close to your heart, the personality that you want to give to your song or other comments. If you have track references that contain things you want the mix to sound like, you can create a subfolder and put the link(s) in the folder along with an explanatory note of your choice.

    A clean sound recording is IMPORTANT, mixing can't work miracles (at least not always =) ) 



  • Balance of all instruments 

  • Dynamic and frequency processing (compressors, equalizers, etc.)

  • Processing of temporal effects (reverb, delay,...) and other color/texture effects  (saturation, chorus, flanger,...)

  • Placement of sounds in stereophonic space

  • Voice tonal pitch processing or processing as an effect with Antares Autotune 9

  • Basic editing to realign the instruments in time 

  • Noise elimination (be very careful to make a clean recording)
    ! Be sure to drink well during your vocal recordings, to avoid as much noise as possible that will degrade the project! I can also give you free advice on this important subject.

  • A rendering that sounds on anything quel support in a file in the format of your choice, ready for possible mastering



  • In-depth editing to realign the instruments in time as well as to create fades to avoid unwanted noise is not included in the initial price, it is still possible to do it in the mix, for an additional cost

  • A rendering en multitrack or in stems is possible for an additional cost, which depends work to do

  • 3 changes per title are included in the price 


Mastering is a precise work on all of your work consisting in globally balancing the frequencies, the dynamics, the stereo image, the power in order to make the piece homogeneous. The goal is also to make an audio compatible with thex  standards for radio broadcasting or streaming platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud, Apple Music, ...).

If you wish to proceed with a mastering after the mixing, I will guide you according to your needs.

Le prix et le délai de livraison (1-2 jours pour un projet de <25 pistes) dépend du nombre  de pistes et de la longueur du projet. 


Avant - Rock
Après - Rock
Avant - Rock'n'Roll
Après - Rock'n'Roll
Avant - House
Avant - House
Après - House
Après - Dub
Avant - Dub
Avant - Reggae
Avant - Drum'n'Bass
Après - Reggae
Après - Drum'n'Bass
Avant - Psytrance
Après - Psytrance


Le mastering est un travail précis sur l'ensemble de votre oeuvre consistant à équilibrer de façon globale les fréquences, la dynamique, l'image stéréo, la puissance afin de rendre le morceau homogène. Le but est aussi de rendre un audio compatible aux  normes de diffusion radiophonique ou de plateformes de streaming (Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud, Apple Music, ...) .

Si vous désirez procéder à un mastering après le mixage, je vous orienterai en fonction de vos besoins.

Some tools used 



MacBook M1 Pro 16''  32gb RAM
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