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Computer Aided Music 

Since the 2000s, the digital world has offered us infinite possibilities for creating varied sound universes from real and virtual instruments, samples, sound synthesis and various tools to shape, sculpt, color sound. 

Although music theory is sometimes useful, learning computer music can be done intuitively without theoretical knowledge of music theory or an instrument. The sound creation on DAW (Ableton Live, Cubase, FL,...) is however vast and complex. It requires a large perseverance for  understand how the DAW works  as well as a good knowledge of the tools and the composition of a sound.

Many people stop along the way, discouraged by the amount of information they have to take in before they can make a "good sound". But a sound professional quality can now be crafted at home with minimal materials!

To start, a computer, a DAW and a good monitoring system are enough to create very rich and complex songs. The possibilities of creating different combinations with additional equipment are very varied: synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines, real/virtual instruments, turntables, sound banks, controllers midi, inexpensive effects etc.

The tools provided by certain computer programs (plugins) which are sophisticated and inexpensive for the most part, allow us to learn different sound sculpting techniques in a very personal form. Learning computer music is therefore enriching in a multitude of aspects, which we discover over the course of our projects and allow us to make our ideas real!

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